Group Profile

Heilongjiang Beidahuang Group of State Farms and Land Reclamation (hereinafter referred as “Beidahuang Group”) is located in the northeast of China, distributed mainly in the southern part of Xiaoxing’anling, the Songnen Plain and the Sanjiang Plain. It is a National Ecological Demonstration Zone with a total area of 55.4 thousand square kilometers, embracing cultivated land of 2965 thousand hectares, forestland of 908 thousand hectares, grassland of 338 thousand hectares and water surface area of 259 thousand hectares. It consists of 9 branch companies, 113 state farms and 641 state-owned and state-holding enterprises, which are distributed in 12 cities of Heilongjiang Province. The total population is 1.623 million. In 2019, Beidahuang Group has achieved a total added value of 44.25 billion yuan, per capita disposable income of 25985 yuan, operating revenue of 123.36 billion yuan and profit of 310 million yuan.


Heilongjiang Reclamation Area was exploited and constructed in 1947, and it was awarded the title of “National Modern Agricultural Demonstration Area” by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2010. In May 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered a speech during his investigation in Heilongjiang Province, “Heilongjiang Reclamation Area has made significant contributions to reclamation and guarding the frontier, boosting production, supporting national construction, ensuring national food security, and developed the special advantages of robust-organization, scale-operation, and full-industry. It is an important power of the moment for our nation.” At present, the annual overall grain production capacity and commodity grain supply capacity of Heilongjiang Reclamation Area has reached over 20 million tons, and the annual grain yields has been more than 20 million tons in 9 running years, achieving the “sixteen consecutive harvests”. Heilongjiang Reclamation Area has made significant contributions to ensuring national food security. The construction and development of Beidahuang has created great material wealth, and also created the spirit of Beidahuang of “Arduous Struggle, Pioneering Reclamation, Overall Outlook, Selfless Dedication”, inspiring generations of Beidahuang people to forge ahead in the great journey of construction modern agriculture.


As the representative of China’s advanced agricultural productivity, Beidahuang Group gets special qualities to develop modern agriculture. Arable land per capita is 7 hectares, and vast cultivated land is concentrated and connected, which is suitable for large-scale mechanized operations. Infrastructure is well-equipped in farmland as well. We have implemented water projects system of flood control works, water logging works, irrigation works and erosion and torrent control works. The total effective irrigation area is 1596 thousand hectares, and it accounts for 53.8% of the total cultivated land area. The total high-standard farmland area is 1810 thousand hectares, and it accounts for 61% of the total cultivated land area. The mechanization degree has reached 99.9% during the process of farming of major corps. 100 agricultural planes carry out pesticide and fertilizer application in area of 1552 hectares. The contribution rate of scientific and technological progress is 68.2% and the rate of technology transfer is 82%, ranking the world-leading level. Heilongjiang Reclamation Area insists on agricultural industrialization and has developed several mainstay industries like rice, flour, oil, meat, milk, potato, seeds etc.. It owns 11 national and provincial leading agriculture-industrial enterprises and nurtures a number of China famous brands like “Beidahuang”, “Wondersun”, “Jiusan”. “Beidahuang” ranks at No. 1 agricultural brand in China. Beidahuang Group implements going-out strategy and owns 21 enterprises of total area of 69.7 thousand hectares overseas. Economic development and social undertakings are both highlighted in Heilongjiang Reclamation Area. Residential area per capita is 33.1 square meters. More than 10000 km roads to all farms are hardened. Forest coverage rate is 16.8%. New social security system is put forward and covers the whole Reclamation Area. There are 114 state-owned schools (including kindergartens) and 124 state-owned hospitals. Cultural Information Resources Sharing Project coverage rate is 100%.


At present and in the future, fully applying the spirit of 19th NCCPC, guiding by Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, thoroughly implementing the spirit of Xi Jinping’s important speech to Heilongjiang Province, especially the requirements for Heilongjiang Reclamation Area, following work arrangements of Heilongjang provincial committee and government and Ministry of Agriculture, Beidahuang Group would take further reform as the driving force, centering on improving quality and benefit, promoting supply-side structural reform, carrying out the strategy of rural vitalization, to construct modern-agricultural big base, big enterprise and big industry, to build an agricultural-reclamation international grain company, and to forge a leading agricultural enterprises carrier.